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With the complexity and frequency of changes occurring in the business and financial world, everyone needs knowledgeable, professional help. Not only is it important to stay on track with spending and legal requirements, it’s important to be efficient with your resources. We can help.

At Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz & Co., P.C., we have been serving individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations for nearly thirty years as accountants, business consultants and financial advisers. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our tradition of offering high quality services at reasonable cost, traits for which our firm has become recognized in the region.

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Employment at ALSD

Employment at ALSD

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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch


Q: You’ve been preparing taxes for 98,172 years. What kind of mistakes do you see year after year? – Mel Brookstein, the 1000 year old man A: Here’s one! Self-employed or taxpayers with substantial investments often do not keep accurate track of their estimated tax payments. The IRS and States do keep track, so you
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Social InSecurity

My husband(s) left me (8 of them did); I’m a starving artist.  Will I end up a poor lady? La La Gabor, Hollywood La La:  There is hope for you. If you stayed married with any one of your men for 10 years, you can receive Social  Security benefits as early as age 62 if
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Zen Mensch Accounting


Think it’s easy being a non-profit? (NOT!) There is the constant struggle for funding, which gets harder as times get leaner.  There is finding the right people for a productive, engaged board that still gives proper authority to staff — a fine line. Now comes another possible headache — multi-state registration. Typically a local non-profit
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